Born in Chicago in 1957. I have 7 brothers and sisters. Moved to San Diego in 1990. I am married for 16 years, and have a a 14 year old son, Sam.

My stepdad was a professional portrait & caricature artist, and he also taught art classes.  As I was growing up, I was always at state fairs, restaurants, craft shows and his art classes. But my first painting was in 1990. After bartending for 14 years, I met many a character (most are still my dearest friends and lots of my “chick” paintings are based on these gals.)

My art does hang in a handful of restaurants and many a house, but I really want to expand (marketing wise). They are always acrylic, and always BIG! Now that I’m 50 (magic number, aye?) I’d truly like to relax (who wouldn’t?) and make a living from painting. It really is my therapy for sanity, along with a glass of good wine! I hope you see humor and fun in my art.

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